Windlights & Helpful Info

I thought it might be cool if I share some of the Windlights I’ve made (or edited to make it more “Me” ). I’ll also show snapshots of my graphics settings and hardware info for those of you that might want to know…I hope you enjoy 😀

Click the links below for a downloadable .xml file for individual Windlights. I will add a .zip file with all the windlights I share at a later time ❤  (Examples are Below Links)

L&R Sail Away (Pretty Skies) Windlight


L&R Inside the Outside of the Box

Thinking Inside the Outside of the Box_4

~Instructions and more info ~

If you need instructions on how to install Sky WindLight settings, You can visit this very informative Post by StrawberrySingh .

You can get tons of other helpful tips and info on the Blogger & Vlogger Network as well !



~Simple Shadow Trick ~


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