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Random things about me 😀

I am addicted to SL Shopping >.<

I really enjoy helping people, It’s the Mother in me. 😉

I love all things pretty and whimsical. ^.^

I’m so inspired by other photographers and bloggers! That’s one reason I’m here. 🙂

I will keep all my posts family friendly, though some may turn out on the sexy side :X

I use a lot of emoticons when I’m writing 😛 lol …as well as saying lol a lot XD

I am an introvert for the most part. <.<    >.>

I spend 80% of the time I’m logged into SL .. being afk ..lol… But in my defense, I’m usually in editing and creative programs for SL stuff. 😀

I really love photography, photo editing, being crafty, and finding creative outlets ! SL is my favorite creative outlet so far.

I have a passion for plants, flowers and nature in general. I wish I could move my comp outdoors! lol

I have terrible grammar, spelling and punctuation skills, but you’ll get the gist. ;D (Hooray for Spellcheck and Proofreading helpers! haha)

 I am blessed beyond measure.

In RL I am a mother of 2 sweet and spazzy kiddos, and I’m a stay at home mom . So, I stay busy during times when school is not in session. o.O

I now live with my SL partner and love of my life, after meeting online over 8 yrs ago!

Can’t wait to see all the great things yet to come in my life.  Thanks for taking interest in me and my work. I hope the things I create are enjoyed as much as I enjoyed creating it all !

 I hope you have a wonderful day. (^.-)

with love,

LynaRay ❤

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