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~My experience this week in RL~

If you are offended by Religion/Christianity  at all go ahead and click away, and thank you for visiting. ❤

I’ve been fighting illness and bad anxiety this week. I just want to take a second to talk.

I don’t normally share with people the goings on of my personal life. I’m very introverted and prefer to keep my business my own. It’s also really hard for me to share something so personal but I really felt like I needed to share this. Please forgive my grammatical errors, I’m no writer. >.<

So, this week I because very ill. Extremely nauseous, achy all over, fever, coughing, and headaches. Which triggered my anxiety badly. I felt as if my skin was on fire, felt like my lungs were caving in, my heart would pound like crazy, and I couldn’t stop thinking about death/dying .  I knew what was happening. This has happened to me so many times over the last 11 yrs. since I experienced something traumatic .  Anyway, the overall feeling of dread gripped me really hard at night especially and I couldn’t sleep, all I could do was lay in bed and cry myself into an exhausted state, then I could fall asleep. Then a few days ago I got to the point were I thought I was going to die and started to write letters to my children just in-case it happened. But while I was writing I kept having this persistent urge to pick up my Bible. I looked in the index and located many verses on anxiety and worry. They all seemed to have a similar message humbling yourself to the Lord and thanking/praising him in your struggles . (I was raised in a half Christian home and ended up turning my back on God for many years.) My guilt hit me hard and I began ugly crying with snot running out of my nose as I prayed, looking and feeling like I had been hit by a Mack truck. I asked for God’s help. Seeking the comfort and peace that I knew only he could give me and I admitted my troubles and anxiety to him. I finally surrendered to him. I felt so peaceful and relaxed once I spoke those words.  I laid down that night and fell straight to sleep without one terrible thought, no racing heartbeat, no burning skin, I rested. I truly thank God for his his mercy and forgiveness. Because the Lord sees all my shame, sin, and guilt and loves me anyway.   We all sin and fall short or his glory,  but that doesn’t matter. He is willing to help those that call out to him in faith and ask with an honest heart, for forgiveness for our short comings. If you feel that you are past all hope of salvation, you are the perfect soul for Christ . I just felt like I should share this in case there is someone else out there going though something similar. There is hope for all of us but we are unable to do everything on our own. Sometimes you just have to let go of the things that trouble you to someone who loves you and even if you feel like no one does. Just remember Christ does.

Please spare me the hate fueled comments about God not being real, or being man made. I’ve heard it all before, it doesn’t change anything for me. We all have our own beliefs and I gave you fair warning.

With that said I’d like to finish with I hope you all have a wonderful Sunday. Take time to “Be still” and know that you are important to someone out there. Thank you so much for listening to my experience this week. I hope sharing about my revived Christian faith doesn’t kill my SL blogging career but if it does it wasn’t meant to be.   God bless you all ❤



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